Corporate Responsibility

WSM works to the highest ethical standards – both in service delivery as well as the support of our own internal people. We seek to contribute positively both to our customers and the wider community.

We recognise that our impact on society is potentially extensive and we take our responsibilities very seriously.  As a provider of services which have a direct impact on wellbeing and mental health, we review our CSR policies and approaches regularly.

Data Protection

WSM adheres to the Data Protection Act 1998 All employee data is looked after in accordance with this guidance. 


Wsm follows the EAPA and BACP guidance on confidentiality.
Employees are informed of the parameters for disclosure (i.e. breaking confidentiality) before they access the service as well as the potential consequences for them if a disclosure is needed. Circumstances where a disclosure may be justified or appropriate include:

  • Real or potential risk of harm to self or others  

  • Evidence that a crime has been or is likely to be committed

  • A legal requirement (for example, protection of children, prevention of terrorism, if requested by a court)

  • A significant threat to the health and safety of those within an organisation