Smart EAPs Involve HR

Traditional employee assistance programmes focus on almost exclusively on employee self-referrals. Whilst this will always be a core EAP feature, for many providers it prevents them from engaging with and effectively partnering with HR and line managers.

Manage Stress-Related Absence

HR led referrals tackle problems of stress-related sickness absence. HR ask specific questions that will be addressed in the counselling assessment session and in the clinical report that follows. The Report includes a practical return to work plan.

Mediation helps with early return to work

Long-term absence as a result of work-related stress is on the increase and although there is discussion on whether stress causes conflict, or conflict causes stress, it does provide HR with a real challenge in appropriately supporting the employee to return to work.


If your organisation has an EAP in place already, when did you last put it through a MOT and market test its key features?

The Costs of Long Term Absence

Many elements of the UK legal system regarding workplace practices are complex making it difficult for managers to understand their legal rights, risks and responsibilities.

The impact of Workplace Stress

In all workplace environments employee and team performance will often be in flux, with issues within or outside the office impacting on wellbeing. Factors influencing performance will inevitably have a variety of causes, however by far the most prominent is workplace stress.