Management Resources

Management and HR are required to master many skills and over time become more effective as they gain experience. However, some skills may never be obtained or may deteriorate through lack of use; equally some scenarios may never have arisen in an organisation and so situations can occur where the solution is beyond the scope of an employer.

At WSM we are able to draw on a large number of skills and experiences to deliver highly effective solutions to complex, stressful and unique situations.  These resources are available to your organisation, whether you are an existing customer or just wanting to work with us on an ad-hoc basis.

We offer you:

  • Performance and absence management through our Management initiated counselling which enables managers to take control of supporting their team members on situation such as long term absence, stress, behavioural and performance issues.
  • Dispute resolution through our mediation service that either offers specific case managment or preventative management training
  • Stress management support by either building a picture of current hazards in a group/organisation (wellness audit) or providing bespoke training support in a specific area of pressure (stress training)
  • Risk assessment for particularly complex employee cases (Risk assessment) which may be a long term absence case or presentation of particularly worrying behaviour or performance issues that indicates a mental health issue.
  • Business continuity action and support following traumatic incidents such as accidents, death, damage or violence (critical incident)