Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management continues to build momentum and HR are well positioned to influence how successful it is in your organisation, as people are both the biggest cost centre and the biggest asset.

Human capital risks can derail the day-to-day running of your business and subsequently our services are designed to maximise business continuity.

Changing legal requirements

The changing legal framework continues to challenge us, making legal compliance an ongoing burden for already stretched HR departments and line managers. Our Employee Assistance Programme can help you keep abreast of changes in UK employment law and new wellbeing developments.

Business continuity

Safety or traumatic incidents don’t just have legal and financial implications, as the effect can result in disengaged staff, turnover or high levels of absence. Our critical incident service can be a vital part of a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Absence management and capability

Increasing financial burden of absence continues as employers are challenged to reach resolutions in complex and long-term problem or absence cases. Our absence assessments enable employers to take greater control of their absence management. Alternatively we can provide individual risk assessments which analyse an employee’s psychological condition, providing an authoritative and independent assessment of their ability to carry out their work responsibilities. We can also carry out a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) across your organisation, which determines where and what your key health risks are. A recommendation and implementation programme to improve health in your organisation can then also be carried out using our effective wellness campaigns

Workplace conflict

Workplace conflict continues to affect a rise in complaints of grievance, harassment and bullying, equal opportunities, diginity at work and team conflicts. Our mediation services can save time and money by amicably and quickly resolving situations, sometimes in as little as one day.


Workplace stress is a major concern in the UK. It is therefore vital for organisations of all sizes to accept that some employees need the support of their managers.  Mind, a leading mental health charity in England and Wales, recently reported how far-reaching the risks are with 1 in 5 employees reporting that work stress has made them physically ill; 1 in 4 has cried at work due to unmanageable pressure, and only 38% of employees feel that their employer is doing enough to support them. (mind website link) . Our training courses in stress and resilience help participants cope with demanding situations, can offer practical approaches in handling pressure as well as dealing with issues such as personal wellbeing and work-life balance.