Absence Management Solutions

Absence management is one of the challenges an employer can face, whether it's supporting employees with complex health conditions or those who are away from work, long term, due to stress-related reasons. The British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine found that individuals who had been off work for more than 6 months had a 50% chance of returning to work and after 12 months that falls to 25%.

Some employee cases are complex, serious or chronic to the point that reaching a resolution for an employer feels like a minefield. Consideration of the individual’s needs, job performance, duty of care and the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 can be an intricate set of circumstances to resolve.

Absence management solutions reduce absenteeism and presenteeism

All the wider evidence shows that mental health issues are on the rise. Anxiety and depression can have a serious effect on all areas of a person's life, including their work. A comprehensive health and wellbeing approach can help employees overcome difficulties, which in turn will result in a more productive and loyal workforce.

Along with our Employee Assistance Programme we are also one of the UK's leading providers of absence management solutions. Such services can help reduce absenteeism and presenteeism through rapid reactive support for people, managers and families with day-to-day issues or longer term mental health problems.

Get people back to work

Our individual absence assessments can help employers manage absenteeism, by identifying barriers for an employee's return and determine an action plan for their transition back to work. Our overall aim is to support managers to achieve a decisive and effective outcome for each case.

Where an employee's situation is more severe or where there are real risk factors, you may consider a psychological assessment. This can provide case specific guidelines on any risk factors such as duty of care, capability and implications of the Equality Act 2010, enabling you to form a practical and effective workplace support plan. 

Be pro-active

Alternatively a fresh initiative can be used to tackle the costs generated by absenteeism, through our pro-active health and wellbeing campaigns. These are designed to establish behaviour change in regards to certain prominent causes of the problem. We have run successful campaigns for customers in areas such as coping with change or support in giving up smoking.