Supporting Change

Change is becoming an ever more frequent reality in the workplace; no sooner have we adjusted to one change then another is upon us.

Unfortunately most people do not like change, there is comfort in what we know and we typically like things to remain fairly constant.  Even when it is something positive, there is a period of uncertainty at the beginning which many find uncomfortable.

We can support change in your organisation in any of the following ways:

Help employees help themselves

Support through self referred counselling in the Employee Assistance Programme helps individuals explore their reactions and help build personal coping mechanisms.

Manage specific employees

Pro-active support through management initiated counselling enables managers to identify those employees who are particularly struggling and initiating counselling for them. This can include clinical assessment and reports which keep you aware of progress, include instruction on working towards specific goals and can comment on any stress, behavioural and performance issues.

Make change a positive revolution

Positive and engaged company wide (or unit specific) support through a “change workshop”. This can be used to launch a specific change in a positive way, providing workshops and support material that can be tailored to your business's journey.

Organisation audit

Organisation (or group) support through a group wellness audit. This audit will help establish the current status quo, ie what hazards exist in your organisation right now, to ensure that any action plan of support and training is focused in the right place and on the right things.