Mediation & Dispute Services

The costs incurred by workplace conflict continues to rise, made up of demands on scarce HR/line manager resources, settlement agreements, absence issues, tribunals, grievances and infrequent training.

Sometimes there just aren't the skills on the ground to effectively settle workplace disputes between colleagues. Our mediation and dispute resolution service is an effective way for an organisation to handle conflict. 

We can help resolve interpersonal differences, grievances, harassment & bullying, equal opportunities, dignity at work and team conflicts.

Cost effective 1 day package

By offering an on-site, 1 day package we can help at the early stages of dispute, be involved at the formal stage (i.e. grievance or disciplinary) or post formal, where parties involved are in need of mediation support to help them integrate back into the workplace.

Mediation training for managers

WSM also offers training and support for managers and awareness training for employees. We are particularly experienced in diversity and dignity at work issues, including equality, disability, harassment and bullying.

Benefits of workplace mediation

Mediation can offer a multitude of benefits to an organisation in terms of time and money saved:

  • Direct costs for mediation are typically one third of those expected in pursuing traditional grievances
  • Most situations can be resolved amicably and quickly – sometimes in as little as one day
  • Cases are closed quickly, ensuring a prompt return to productive work and wellbeing
  • Risk of the relevant employees becoming absent, experiencing stress leading to health implications are substantially reduced through timely resolution
  • Mediation helps to retain valuable employees – some of whom may cost employers up to four times their salary to replace
  • Mediation protects managers from becoming “accidental counsellors”